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Alaska packing list
alaska packing list
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What to Bring on your Trip!

Guests are responsible for bringing adequate clothing, gear and the proper licensing to fish and stay in Alaska. Plan your wardrobe around our warm summers. The only time you will want layers is on a charter on the river or out in the ocean when you are fishing for halibut.

Packing List

Luggage: if you plan to stay at our home, we recommend one suitcase or large duffel bag per customer/family member.

Hiking Boots or Shoes: Depending on what you want to do when you get here we definitely recommend bringing decent hiking boots, preferably broken in, for comfort. The trails around Alaska are rooty and can have sharp rocks jutting out. In town, a decent pair of tennis shoes is all you will need. If you plan to fish in the river, bring a pair of chest and/or hip waders with the water proof boot options.

Back Pack: If you plan to stay outdoors or hike any of the nice natural trails we recommend bringing a light weight pack to store water and other useful tools or food.

Rain Gear: A rain jacket will help for the occasional day that it rains. We recommend rain gear over umbrellas, you need to keep your hand on the fishing rod at all times!

Fishing License: A requirement. You must obtain one of these at any local store in Anchorage or Soldotna, just go the fishing/hunting department and ask for one. You will have to pay a fee to obtain these. You cannot fish without one!

Pants: We recommend two to three pairs of pants. Jeans!!

Shirts: Tee shirts are great, but we also recommend light, thin long sleeve shirts, to protect against mosquitoes and the sun.

Warm Jacket/Sweater/Vest: Synthetic fleece or a wool sweater is a great way to stay warm at night if you aren’t out by the camp fire.

Prescription Medications: Make sure you bring an adequate supply for the trip.

Water Bottle: Bring lots of water, you have to stay hydrated!

Insect Repellent: While you may definitely use aerosols on our properties, creams and pumps are more environmentally friendly.

Optional Items

Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses can help you see fish in some of the rivers and streams here in Alaska, as well as protect your eyes from fishing hooks and harmful sun-rays.

Cameras: Take great pictures of your trip and make memories that will last a life time. Send us some of your favorite photos and fishing catches of the day!